The horticultural spectrum control systems offered by LumiGrow, Inc., gives growers in the increasingly competitive legal marijuana industry a cost-saving, growth-enhancing, leg up on the competition.

LumiGrow has effective horticultural LED product lines for the granular control over the growing process that cannabis producers need. Growers also network their lights using the company’s patented SmartPAR spectrum control system.

“We’re not what people might think of when they picture traditional marijuana growers. From the beginning, we’ve planned this operation from a pragmatic business perspective. We’re doing everything we can to optimise our operation, and LumiGrow is a big part of that. We’ve tried products from three other manufacturers and LumiGrow makes the best LED grow lights we’ve seen,” said Keith Sprau, Co-owner of Colorado Leaf.

Sprau has confidence that using LED lights is going to save energy and money because they have field tested LumiGrow Pro 650 lights in the company’s 20 x 20 feet research and development grow space. They saw up to 60% less power use than they had expected based on comparisons with other kinds of lighting. Probably of more importance to Colorado Leaf’s customers, the product they’ve grown is indistinguishable from the best found elsewhere.

“We’ve been putting the spectrum control capabilities of the LumiGrow Pro 650 fixtures to good use. We adjust the spectrum as needed – mostly letting the plants thrive under blue light, and turning red off – and we’ve seen no internodal stretching while growing fat bushes,” added Sprau.

Colorado Leaf is saving money on more than just its monthly electric bill. As is the case with many utilities encouraging the use of energy saving devices, the company’s electricity provider, San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA), rebated $20,000 of the initial cost of the first order of LED lights. Sprau says they are hopeful SIEA might rebate even more on the second order as their contacts at the utility have expressed serious interest in the energy conservation possibilities offered by using LEDs.

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