We have evolved from Bluetooth connected products to Wi-Fi technology enabled products in order to create modern age product experiences voice controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group

What kind of potential do you envisage for your company for smart street lighting projects?

The government’s move of making 100 cities smart is a well thought initiative that will benefit the nation in the long run. Today, smart cities require smart infrastructure which is possible only when we explore and introduce new and innovative technologies. With growing awareness of high-efficiency LED lighting and the opportunity of adopting smart lighting in cities and business counterparts, the vivid growth in interest of smart sensors, smart buildings and big data technologies. The basic challenge is how lighting infrastructure, which may have an expected active lifetime of 15-25 years, can be adopted in a way that enables current and future smart city concepts and IoT innovations to be connected and linked. With the advancement in mobile communications, R&D in sensors, citizen connectivity and services, there is a predictable need for organised city and trade connectivity. New platforms and protocols will not only need to provide security, but will need to deliver flexibility, adaptability and scalability.

How Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing evolution in the lighting industry, particularly, street lighting?

Present day smart lighting framework depends on LED innovation and including advanced drivers that have characteristics, such as advanced sensing capabilities. Lighting systems are evolving to support different wireless communication interfaces compatible with the IoT ecosystem. Moving to digital control opens up another skyline of automation to street lighting frameworks. The genuine transformation arrives when knowledge is incorporated into LED street lighting frameworks through the use of network control and making it really smart. A smart street lighting framework is a lighting framework with intelligent control. The networked lighting framework gives monitoring, measuring and control via wired or wireless, and the street lights. We have been investing in LED systems for some years and we are pleased to turn on this dynamic smart lighting solution which will additionally improve our sustainability. As we contribute for the future of our country, this innovation is open to any advancements and developments we may require and that’s a great benefit for us.

Increasing number of cities are recognising the value of upgraded lighting networks. However, there are still some barriers. Can you please apprise us about these challenges?

Customers buy any brand given to them by a shop owner. Consumers compare the prices of the brands and they buy what is low in pricing and do not pay a heed to the features very much. Therefore, it is important that we create awareness about the importance of eco-friendly lights and how they are energy efficient.

Syska provides eco-friendly lighting which is safe to use. Cost of LED lights is low because of which local manufacturers get low margins and the business faces intense competition from Chinese manufacturers as they are flooding the market with low quality and inferior products. Syska being a home grown brand we have the edge and we give consumers LED lighting solutions at an affordable price than other players in the market. Syska is always on the forefront to educate the customers about the benefits of LED not only in communications but also in creating experiences through exclusive LED lounges in the country. Customers must visit such centres to get a correct perspective of the products and the various benefits they provide.

What are the solutions do you offer to overcome these challenges?

We are constantly upgrading the core technologies that form the backbone of LED light efficiency. We offer products at an affordable price range to the customers. We have achieved 20 per cent higher light efficiency in our products as compared to the other brands by providing 120 lumens per watt. We have received BEE 5-Star rating for our Lumistar bulbs in 7W and 9W category which speaks volume about stringent quality metrics followed in our production processes. As a brand, we have evolved from Bluetooth connected products to Wi-Fi technology enabled products in order to create modern age product experiences voice controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Syska has smart lighting products, which are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. We are continuously thriving towards improving the standard of living of the Indian consumers.

What is your outlook for LED lighting industry?

The LED market has been growing primarily due to fall in prices. The government initiatives have acted as major growth drivers for the industry. Currently the market has been dominated by unorganised players. LED lighting will allow the country to save 40 per cent energy if implemented extensively.  At Syska LED we have an extremely focused mission: The creation of a sustainable environment by promoting and accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting solutions. In keeping with this mission, we offer a vast range of specialised green, eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. These lights consume 70-80 per cent less power than CFLs. They provide excellent intensity, uniform light distribution, high efficiency, and strong ROI.

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