India is well known across the globe for its historical monuments spread across its various cities and states. These architectural marvels define the cities and attract millions of visitors every year. We are talking about beautiful monuments such as the iconic Taj Mahal (Agra) built in 1632 to the most recent Statue of Unity (Near Vadodara) that was finished recently in 2018. These are not just any structures; these are architectural masterpieces which will remain there for centuries reminding the world about its colourful culture and fascinating heritage.

Undoubtedly, darkness at night will not do justice to these monuments. They must be illuminated with focused customized lighting when the sun goes down. Lighting not only illuminate these structures but enhances their overall beauty. The dynamic multi-coloured light language gives architecture a transformation which evokes grandiosity. Lighting can significantly elevate the beauty of these monuments and breathe a new life into the entire cityscape. Apart from enhancing overall beauty, lighting also helps in improving the sense of overall safety around the area and aids in promoting tourism round the clock.

Architectural lighting projects taken up by Havells

In India, Havells has beautified many such structures by illuminating them. For instance, the company took up the illumination project for Humayun’s Tomb in 2018, with Havells Energy efficient LED luminaires of 316 W each lighting the beautiful dome of the tomb. This also helped in attaining energy savings of about 90% when you compare it with the halogen lights which were earlier installed at the tomb.

Havells partnered with NBCC (India) Limited to illuminate the Purana Qila in 2018 which was previously left in complete darkness with no light to focus on the living history of the monument. The illumination of the structure went beyond the typical façade lighting. The company used Havells’ Colorscape range or architectural RGB lights to create the monochrome light effect which included various lighting patterns, accents, and colours etc. to highlight the different beautiful aspects of the fort from the inside and outside. As part of the initiative, the nearby lake was lit up too. A jogging track was also created alongside the lake for city dwellers to jog during the day or night-time. This project not only beautified the monument but was instrumental in attracting visitors round the clock and made it safer too.

Architectural lighting – Which ones to choose?

Now, the question that arises is what kind of lighting should be used to illuminate these monuments and how to enhance their visual brilliance?

Havells Architectural RGB lighting is a set of unique lighting solutions which amplifies the impact of a structure with the help of vibrant hues eventually enhancing visual brilliance of these monuments. These solutions enable the viewer to connect with architecture on an emotional level while contributing to the nocturnal skyline of the neighbourhood. When it comes to Architectural RGB lighting, Havells has a wide range of options tailored to meet specific lighting requirements.

One of the most effective solutions is a projector under which there is a product known as Skiline Plus, a high-power colour changing LED projector which is best suited for super distance lighting. It comes equipped with intelligent logarithmic control technology that helps enrich the colour saturation with added benefits of high heat dissipation and low weight design, high precision angle adjustment and optional sighting telescope accurate positioning for long distances.

In some of the cases, the architecture needs wall grazing lights that adds to the allure of the walls and surfaces, lending a subtle effect since the light interacts with both the building and the environment. Lineate Rich from the Linear Wall Grazer range is a high-efficiency modern and stylish linear colour changing wall grazer designed with multiple angle lens to meet the demands of various lighting design outlooks. The light has a special structure which ensures good heat radiation and help reduce the LED’s light wane effectively. Other advantages include waterproof function, wide-angle installation to meet environmental requirements and angle adjustment, multi-angle lens for better utilisation of light and simple wiring for easy installation and maintenance.

To light up columns, features and facades with multiple optics and an extensive colour pallet, ground burial lights work best, since they evoke a sense of grandiosity. Engross Maxi, in the Ground Burial Uplighter series, comes with high quality LEDs, high strength toughened glass which has the ability to withstand weight up to 2500 kg. The lamp body is enclosed in high-pressure die-casting aluminium with corrosion resistant nylon used in the buried barrel. The design amplifies heat radiation and the light changes colour and flows, lending it a magic lighting effect.

Combining the qualities of glow and drama, our Underwater Light range weaves an interesting narrative by playing with ripples and reflections. The Marinashine Maxi RGB is a high-power colour changing underwater light which is best suited for highlighting water features of monuments. Wrapped in hard chrome plated moulding shaped stainless steel, an EPDM gasket and a built-in overheating sensor system that enables automatic shutdown when the temperature touches 75 degrees Celsius, these lights operate between minus 20 and 40 degrees at a depth of less than one metre.

In certain cases, the architecture benefits significantly from the use of textured lighting which add depth to the structure, engulfing it in a streaming cascade of light. Flexiline RGB from our Flexible LED Strip category does just that; these lights come with DC low voltage input for a safer usage, IP67 waterproof with silicon glue to soften the light and offers easy installation and edge protection, making it a good option for structures.

Summing up

Light is not only a mere ornament but also a catalyst for dynamism. Well thought out lighting plan awakens curiosity and creates a sense of uniqueness with security. A brightly lit area connects with inhabitants on an emotional level. Light gives form to building’s shape, its visual perception, and therefore it is significant in that sense. We believe that each monument and architectural story has a unique story to tell, and that story can be told more effectively through beautiful and dramatic lights. For this very purpose, Havells Colorscape range of Architectural RGB is performance-driven, mechanically superior while being photometrically and electrically valuable.

Prag Bhatnagar,
Sr. Vice President,
Havells India Ltd.

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