Vystar Germicidal Air Purifier Uv Bulb

With a view to combatting the ever growing threat of airborne viruses, Vystar Corporation has introduced the RxAir400 Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV-C) light air purification system. The system offers new features and options that will make it easier to treat airborne pathogens wherever the user goes indoors. RxAir400 is a smaller, consumer/small business-sized version of the industrial size Rx3000 FDA-certified Class II medical device UV light air purifier designed for disinfection use in hospitals. It will now feature an ergonomic integrated handle for easier room-to-room portability, plus offer two new accessory options:

Extended Life 18,000 Hour RxAir400 UV-C Pro bulb replacement cartridge – UV bulbs have limited life for germicidal effectiveness. RxAir units and bulb cartridges have interactive chips that communicate to alert users as the bulb approaches the end of life and needs to be replaced. The device comes with its standard 9000 hour UVC bulb cartridge – good for approximately one year of regular use before requiring replacement. The new UVC Pro replacement cartridge has a lifespan of 18,000 hours, or approximately two years of normal use. Cartridges include free return and disposal of spent cartridges.

Wall mount bracket – New low profile wall mount bracket makes it easier to put RxAir in an optimal location when traffic patterns and furniture layout are not conducive to floor placement. The low profile bracket allows the user to easily lift unit off the bracket to transport room to room to safely inactivate >99.9% of pathogens, reducing virus exposure risk in occupied facilities such as schools, restaurants, retail and offices.

Vystar is currently taking pre-orders on its RxAir.com website for new units, replacement bulb cartridges and wall mount brackets are expected to be in stock in mid- to late August (2020) – just in time when students are getting prepared to go back to school.

Highlighting the benefit of RxAir, Bryan Stone, MD, Internal Medicine and Nephrology, and Chief of Medicine for Desert Regional Medical Center, says, “The main advantage of RxAir is that it can operate safely in occupied spaces to continuously process the air up to eight times per hour, inactivating or killing the pathogens expelled as people talk, breathe, cough, sneeze or sing to help reduce risk of exposure for those in the room. When people nearby, who aren’t wearing masks and may be asymptomatic, it is reassuring to have RxAir treating pathogens they may be expelling.”

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