Whiteway Lighting has launched the new Galasy II petroleum gas canopy luminaire, which features versatile mounting configurations, high efficacy and ease of servicing options.

The driver compartment of Galasy II is simple to access from below the canopy deck. A hanging bracket/hinge to retain the bottom of the fixture allows it to swing out of the way for easy access.

Galasy II features a ¾ inch conduit connection for wiring or pendant mounting. It has external dimming leads so there is no need to open the fixture for connection. The mounting hole pattern is symmetrical and square ensuring the fixture can be rotated, for any reason after the holes are created in the ceiling. The driver is accessible without removing the fixture for ease of serviceability.

Whiteway LED Lighting provides significant cost savings over traditional HID Lighting. With energy savings up to 79% and virtually no maintenance cost, capital can be applied, to other areas of the business. Galasy II features 150 Lumens per Watt for maximum energy savings as well as simplified maintenance with accessible driver compartment from below.

Retrofitting convenient store canopy lighting has never been easier. Whiteway offers a Universal Retrofit Solution for replacing any current canopy lighting product. With the Hubbell portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED Lighting products, Whiteway offers a complete one-for-one LED solution for every application in a convenience store to achieve an updated and aesthetically pleasing appearance for customers and store owners. By utilizing highly efficient LED fixtures, customers will see immediate energy savings when replacing HID fixtures.

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