Wiz Lighting Control
WiZ mobile app offers the opportunity to let multiple users manage the lights with different permissions...

Addressing the long-awaited need for affordable smart lights and accessories that are easy to set-up with Bluetooth and the user’s existing Wi-Fi network, Signify has recently launched the latest generation of the multi-protocol WIZ smart lighting system in Europe. The addition of the WiZ system seamlessly fits to the company’s mission to let consumers feel the magic of light through accessible smart lighting products that are intuitive in use.

The WiZ Connected portfolio includes lights and accessories that are very easy to install and enable consumers to instantly experience the perks of smart lighting. Just screw in the new WiZ light, download the intuitive WiZ mobile app and directly start to enjoy the lights. The newest products come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual protocol chips which make the pairing process even easier and more reliable. In the near future, Signify will roll out this great feature to the full WiZ product range. Via different modes, consumers can easily set the perfect light to study, create a cozy setting by mimicking a fireplace or candlelight, and automate and synchronize lights with daily activities or schedule lights to smoothly wake you up or support your bedtime routine.

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