Xicato Stoller Lighting
Pic by geralt on pixabay

Xicato announced a partnership with Stoller Lighting to promote and sell the broad Xicato portfolio of lighting and controls products to customers in the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii region. Xicato continues to expand its reach and support for its customers working with the best representatives in lighting and controls the ecosystem.

Stoller Lighting will play a key role in expanding Xicato customer base for the recent XFL, premium flexible linear lights that have already started shipping. The XFL line is supported by Xicato’s leading portfolio of complete end-to-end Bluetooth Mesh controls all of which will make strong additions to the Stoller Lighting line card.

Sean Stoller, Principal, Stoller Lighting said: “For over a decade we have known Xicato as the vendor with the best in class spotlights, demanded by customers that will not settle for anything less. They got our full attention when they announced their premium flexible linear lights that live up to their reputation for quality and reliability. We are excited to form a close partnership to serve our customers with their renowned lights and leading Smart Bluetooth Mesh Controls portfolio that enables our customers to realize their lighting vision while meeting strict energy efficiency requirements.”

Amir Zoufonoun, CEO, Xicato said: “Sean and his outstanding team of dedicated lighting professionals have decades of experience serving their customers with the utmost care. You can’t be around long if you don’t love and believe in what you do. These are the same values Xicato was founded on and we can’t be more excited to have Stoller Lighting work with us to accelerate the adoption of smart building technologies with premium lighting; technologies that enhance living spaces while providing the most flexible and scalable end-to-end solutions in the market.”

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