Ncr Based Company Uvc Device
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Currently, India stands third in the highest number of cases through COVID-19. It is of utmost importance to find solutions to contain or mitigate the chances of serious outbreaks of the virus especially when the country is slowly opening up. Catering to this need, Bright Beginings Pvt Ltd. has introduced an innovative UV-C sterilization device to effectively inactivate the viruses within minutes. The products are created with state-of-art-technology, user-friendly, low maintenance and without any chemical, which disinfects frequently touched objects and personal items preventing surface to human transmission. The product has the UV LED as a light source that approximately takes 5 seconds to 10 minutes for disinfection depending on the size of the object and type of the product.

This new range is another step in the company’s support to the government’s call towards ‘Make in India’ and ‘Be Vocal for Local’ for self-reliance. Bright Beginings’ UV-C products have been certified by India’s topmost university in Science Research – Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, for treating Corona Virus. Also tested and certified by the third-party NABL accredited lab for confirming the curing time.

Arvind Raghav, CEO, Bright Beginings said: “Our products have been tested for their disinfection efficacy by the leading institutions. UV-C radiation technology is renowned globally for being the safest and most effective in terms of disinfecting surfaces to prevent transmission of multiple viruses including COVID-19. We believe hygiene will be the new frontier in the new normal as a sector and being a start-up, we are focusing on offering cost effective range of products to our customers. The products are largely indigenous, except the UV-C LEDs, which we are currently importing from a leading South Korean company, that has a lot of patents in UV Technology and is a pioneer in LED technology. Progressively, we will also become Aatmanirbhar to serve the nation.”

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