edding International GmbH opened its tattoo studio in Hamburg, the Chilehaus, built in the 1920s and is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When planning the interior design, edding focused on creating a bright atmosphere that conveys clinical cleanliness and increases customer trust. Sebastian Knebelkamp, Project Manager, edding, said: “As soon as you enter our tattoo studio, you can see that clear lines meet traditional details. It’s our way of showing how well edding can combine safe tattooing with creative tattoo art.”

The studio is divided into different areas such as reception, a shop, and a lounge area where customers can discuss their ideas for their tattoos. The Clean Tattoo area, well separated from the lounge area, has been designed with lots of glass and light. Glare-free lighting is particularly important in these rooms. Knebelkamp said: “We wanted the lighting both to enhance the clear, simple interior design and to meet our tattoo artists’ needs.” 

Alex Beju, Tattoo Artist, edding Studio, explained: “For tattooing, I need lighting that provides bright, precise light, so that my eyes don’t get tired too quickly, especially for detailed tattoos. But I don’t want to be blinded by it either.”

That’s why edding chose LIGHT FIELDS III, designed by Studio Ambrozus, for the rooms in which customers are tattooed and where care and precision are a top priority. The minimalist luminaire offers uncompromising light quality that’s perfect for performing demanding visual tasks. It provides an optimal balance between diffused and directional light to ensure high-contrast vision without multiple shadows or glare. The multi-layer micro-pyramidal optic MPO+ refracts and guides the light in a controlled manner, with pleasant distribution even at extreme beam angles. This allows for flexible positioning of the luminaire and offers precise, dimmable light from any angle, with glare reduced to a minimum.

In the lounge and entrance area, Zumtobel spotlights were installed on a track. The uniform, discreet shape of these versatile lighting tools and their clear, focussed style help create lighting solutions with a consistent design. The possibility of adapting lighting angles and luminous flux enables maximum flexibility along with excellent efficiency, glare control, and color rendering.

PANOS evolution and infinity are used in the office and communal areas of the edding tattoo studio, where they perform different lighting tasks while providing homogeneous illumination. The recessed luminaire CARDAN evolution combines maximum flexibility with a discreet design, setting new standards in gimbal accent lighting.

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