Havells conducted extensive research for months on the use of UV-C light for disinfecting almost anything and everything while prioritizing the safe usage of UV-C light as exposure to this light can be dangerous for humans. UV-C light usage is scientifically proven to be capable of effectively kill SARS-CoV-2 or other coronaviruses in liquids, on surfaces, or in the air. Havells keeping the brand philosophy of ‘making difference’ at the forefront recently, launched its own disinfect sterilizer which, emits UVC and UVA light called Havells DisinfectMAX Sterilizer.             

The handheld device has a 2W UVA+UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamp. When turned on, it emits energy-rich UVC light (270 nm-280 nm) that is used to disinfect the surface, and the UVA light (390 nm-410 nm) is used for identification purposes. The compact & portable design makes it handy and allows for easy carrying and disinfection, anytime anywhere. The body is made of high-quality fireproof ABS, which makes the product durable for a longer period. It is equipped with a built-in gravity sensor that enables safer operation and can disinfect in 90 seconds at a 3cm distance from the surface.

The sterilizer can be easily charged using any smartphone charger with a MicroUSB charging port. It has a bright white LED mounted on top which, can be used as a flashlight to see the surface with dull or no illumination. Being equipped with UVC+UVA special LEDs makes it extremely useful to destroy 99.99% of germs/viruses/bacteria on surfaces exposed by this light.