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Zumtobel enjoys a triple triumph at the Red Dot Award 2019

The Red Dot Award has become a serial success story for Zumtobel. Having seen three luminaires awarded the coveted seal of quality in 2018, Zumtobel was this year once again able to enjoy a triple triumph by impressing an expert international jury that included designers and experts such as Dr Sascha Peters, Mårten Claesson and Saskia Diez. On a functional level, the three award-winning luminaires clearly have two things in common: innovative technology and efficient sustainability. However, when it comes to aesthetics, the three solutions take very different approaches to spatial lighting, ranging from an artistic and poetic angle driven by architects to an austere revolution in office lighting and a proven design classic.

TEELA – Artistic lighting scenes

Zumtobel has used editions #02 to forge a link between sculptural spatial objects and functional lighting for the third time. The special TEELA luminaire is one of three pioneering solutions that make up the latest incarnation of the editions, a special collection of lighting visions created by renowned designers and architects. A flexible fabric shell stretches over the slender, flat body and the slightly protruding spots, which transform the surface into a lighting landscape.

CLARIS – A classic in the future

The CLARIS louvre luminaire has been an integral part of the Zumtobel portfolio for two decades. And now CLARIS evolution – the third generation – is writing a fresh chapter in this seemingly endless success story. The pendant luminaire for workstations with visual display units (VDUs) not only demonstrates its timeless design, but also once again sets new standards in terms of technical features.

LINETIK – A reduced form with functional versatility

It is very much the lighting effect that first catches the eye, as the reduced cross-section of just 24 millimetres helps the LED free-standing solution remain discreetly in the background. The core element of the lighting technology is a specially developed reflector. This scales LINETIK back to an absolute minimum in terms of form and delivers uniform functional illumination for the workplace.

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