The Supervisory Board of the Zumtobel Group announces that the contract of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Alfred Felder, which expires on 30 April 2019, has been extended by three years until 30 April 2022.

With this measure, the Supervisory Board provides for continuity on the way back to good profitability and growth. On behalf of the Supervisory Board, Chairman Jürg Zumtobel explains: “It was an easy and logical decision to extend the mandate of Alfred Felder. Since he took over as CEO in February, he has shown with his enormous commitment, many implemented measures and significant improvements that he deserves full trust. We are very confident that the necessary changes will now continue to be implemented quickly and consistently.”

CEO Alfred Felder emphasises: “In the last ten months, we have set the course for the strategic repositioning of the Zumtobel Group. It is extremely important to me and I greatly appreciate that the Supervisory Board stands behind the strategy and me in the long term. The goal is to make the company shine again. We are now taking further steps of change to complete the stable foundation which profitable growth builds upon.”

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