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Orient Electric Limited, part of the diversified USD 2.4 billion CK Birla Group, launched its new range of Emergency LED lighting solutions which provide backup lighting for up to 4 hours during power outages. The range includes LED bulb, LED Batten, LED Recess Panel and Bulkhead that can automatically switch to emergency mode to light up your space during power cut enabling normal work activities to continue.

Puneet Dhawan, Executive Vice President, Orient Electric, said: “Frequent power cuts disrupt normal life and can greatly affect businesses such as small retail shops, salons, food outlets, mobile retailers etc. Given this background, we have introduced our new range of emergency LED lights comprising of bulbs, battens, recess panels and bulkheads for homes, small office, and retail shops. These emergency LED lights are similar to the LED lights currently used and fit into the same sockets. However, they switch on to emergency mode once the electricity supply is disrupted and provide 4 hours of back up. They revert to normal operation when the electricity is restored and get recharged during the normal course of usage. Interestingly they can be used as a portable light source as well, so for instance, the emergency LED bulb can act as a headlight for a bicycle. Completely Made in India, our emergency LED lights are energy-efficient and have a short payback period. With this launch, we intend to promote and grow this category while allowing consumers to have high quality, branded emergency lighting fixtures.”

Orient’s new Emergency LED lights feature an in-built battery that automatically charges during regular power supply and automatically switches to emergency mode during a power cut. It is reliable and cost-effective, with overcharging protection and long maintenance-free life of up to 25,000 hours.

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