America Bright Flexible Lighting Solutions
Pic by AbigailGina on pixabay

American Bright makes adding light to any indoor or outdoor application easy with flexible IP-rated rope and strip lights. Offered in IP20, IP65, IP68, each light strip is available in customised lengths and colours.

The rope and strip lights are available in 5V, 12V, 24V DC. These lights can also be used in innovative designs like disinfection, black lighting and curing other than decoration. It has a well-diffused silicone flexible rope lights such as anti-yellowing and anti-UV silicone material with top and side-emission.

Smart RGB+IC LED light source allows for a wide range of applications. Additionally, adaptability is gained with waterproof coating options of IP20, IP65 and IP68. RGB+IC addressable UL-listed solutions include both rope and strip lights. Colour options offered are white (warm, neutral or cool), green, blue, red, amber, and dual-white tunable.

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