Astera Appoints Carl-Johan Sköld as the New Group CEO.

Astera, an acclaimed wireless LED lighting manufacturer, appoints Carl-Johan Sköld as Group CEO.

Based in Hong Kong, Carl-Johan will closely collaborate with Astera’s German HQ, design center, and Chinese manufacturing teams, shaping future growth strategies.

Carl-Johan will establish ambitious goals for Astera’s future, leveraging extensive knowledge in long-term business development and strategy.

Sebastian Buckle, Astera’s Sales Director, enthusiastically commented, “It’s hugely exciting to have someone of Carl-Johan’s caliber onboard as our company moves to the next phase of its development. Carl-Johan brings great expertise, a huge enthusiasm for our industry and a brilliant track record of foresight and success, all of which will have positive impact on Astera going forward and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.”

Carl-Johan served as an Astera consultant, well-acquainted with its strengths.

He emphasizes, “Astera has many strengths and the key to developing any effective future strategies starts with these. The approach to innovation – based on thoughtful design tailored to the specific needs of multiple lighting professionals – makes Astera stand out in the market and provides a great basis for further growth. It is clear from the recognition that Astera gets from key practitioners and creatives across the concert touring and live performance sectors that the brand’s reputation is well deserved, and I am both grateful and excited to be embracing this new path together.”

Carl-Johan highlights Astera’s product approach, which combines smart technology innovation with a people-centric focus in the live performance and production industries.

Carl-Johan’s primary objective is to strengthen Astera’s presence in Asian markets, assisting German R ‘n’ D and sales management teams. He will also look into sustainable manufacturing methods.

Carl-Johan aims to improve overall business practices, intelligence, and financial reporting systems for enhanced decision-making and increased organization-wide productivity, shaping Astera’s commercial goals for the next 5-8 years.

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