What brought you into the lighting designing?
Prateek Jain: We both were working with our family businesses and always knew we wanted to be a part of something that was our own but also creative. We started off experimenting with handblown glass and that eventually led us to push those boundaries and introduce the concept of light.

Klove studio was established in the year 2005. In our early years, our designs were marked by very simple forms, to which we are curiously returning. The year 2008, literally lit up the market when Klove became known for its blown glass chandeliers, which later evolved into larger installations and highly customised products. Through this journey, the partnership with Indian craftsmen – to whom we gracefully credit half our success—has been at the heart of Klove. It is in the spirit of preserving talent and reinventing India that we plan our next steps.

Gautam Seth: We began our career because we wanted to experiment with different material our first exhibition as glass designers took place in 2005 where we played with the concept of transparent, translucent and opaque. Over the last 10 years we’ve grown from strength to strength. We also have a store in Mumbai now and what has always excited us is the surreal dimension of transparency, translucence and opaque and that is why we did the 10th year anniversary exhibition as well.

Tropical Wall Installation

What is it that fascinates you about light?
Gautam Seth: Light can change an entire space. Depending on where it is placed, how it is displayed, how many lights are used, the different types of light bulbs, I mean there are so many different factors when it comes to lighting. The art of light is the art of spatial design. The decision on what light you choose to decorate your spaces is what decides the mood and vibe of the space.

A new experience makes us tick – we’ve always learnt and been motivated by things that are in our experience.

Prateek Jain: We are in the business of designing new and cutting-edge lighting products, but more than that we keep evolving products that are already well designed. A classic example of this was when we wove several of our own design concepts into one for our wedding Mandapam. I love that process of looking at products with a renewed perspective so that they adapt to changing times and taste. Seeing an older design take a new form is the most thrilling experience for us as lighting designers.

Fern Chandelier

What’s your lighting designing philosophy?
Prateek Jain: The studio’s experience and expertise span a wide breadth of focus in decorative lighting installations. Klove explores the relation with function and form as embodied in spatial design and from there moves into the realm of emotion as personified in our human form.

We, as beings of light.

At Klove studio we embellish and balance the visual experience with deft imagination. There is a commitment to use our years of learnings and sound technical knowledge as a spring board to provoke, question and go deeper into our chosen medium of artistic expression.

Gautam Seth: The vision of Klove is to transform real spaces into surreal dimensions; as a luxury boutique studio, Klove specialises in decorative lighting installations. Design at Klove begins with a fantasy, and meets reality through considerations of ergonomics and functionality. The aim is to harness each of these design elements and create lighting products that transcend the stereotype to become pieces of contemporary art.

Linear Light

What does it take to successfully lighting a space?
Prateek Jain: You need to identify the intention, in the sense what kind of space is it? Is it a nightclub, a restaurant, an office, an art gallery etc. Once you know what the space is supposed to be everything slowly falls into line.

First rule. For selecting a light is one should know its purpose. Is it for decoration or is it functional? Very rarely do I see a good design that can purpose both. Second tip is please don’t follow a trend. Embrace a trend that matches your aesthetic – if you follow this then I think your shopping will be more fruitful and enjoyable.

Gautam Seth: A boutique luxury studio, Klove specialises in custom lighting solutions. Our core lies in creating light sculptures and installations while the product line deals in unique decorative lights, chandeliers, pendant lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps and accessories. Our signature flows from neo-classical to contemporary design and we launch annual collections inspired by our travels around India and the rest of the world.

Goa House Chandelier (Custom)

What are the challenges you faced at the beginning of your journey in the field of lighting?
Gautam Seth: Like with any other business the same challenges popped up for us. Establishing ourselves as a serious competitor in the lighting and design community, building up our clientele, how to communicate our brand philosophy. We also had no experience in the lighting industry, so we had to learn through our experiences on the way, we basically had to start from nothing and educate ourselves on the journey.

Klove_39 (Custom)

What was your most challenging experience in a project you’ve worked on, and why?
Prateek Jain: Again, it was difficult in the beginning as we had no experience with lighting, so everything was experimental, we didn’t know what would work and what would not work. Learning how lights affect different spaces in different ways, it was trial and
error. Over time with years of experience projects become easier.

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