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Smart Lighting Internet Of Things

Smart Lighting and Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, lighting is no longer just a means of illumination, rather it serves various other purposes including communication. With the changing trend, product standardisation is becoming more important...

Achal Trivedi, Head Lighting Business, Motwane Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.

How does Motwane’s lighting and controls serve as the backbone of the smart city?The first question is what is meant by a ‘smart city’? The answer is there...

Light recipe for snack cucumbers with full LED from Signify

Signify, a world leader in lighting, has together with Kwekerij Verhoeven developed a light recipe especially for the cultivation of snack cucumbers, resulting in the grower having...
Illuminating India's Smart Cities Pg 20

Illuminating India’s Smart Cities

-  The article is authored by S.P Garnaik, Business Unit Head (Lighting), EESL Street lighting and how it fits into the smart cities’ paradigmAccording to a research...

Short Story Of Safety Norms For LEDs

The risk can be simply checked by a measurement of illuminance with a cheap and easy to use instrument: a lux meter…

I ♥ Bell Bottoms

Located on Ozran Beach Road near famous Vagator Anjuna beach, Hotel, ‘I ♥ BELL BOTTOMS’ was looking for an eye-catching and dynamic colour changing façade lighting system...
Thorn Lighting Opel Arena Mainz

Thorn Enhances the Lighting Scheme at the OPEL ARENA in Mainz

Opel Arena was installed with new LED floodlight and stand lights by Thorn Lighting in 2 months.
Turtle Friendly Coastal Lighting Protects Local Habitat And Promotes Sustainability Pg 8

Turtle-friendly coastal lighting protects local habitat and promotes sustainability

- The Lighting India content teamLighting continues to be a concern in coastal communities. Artificial white light such as standard streetlights, patio lights, and flashlights can confuse...

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