Enlivening Architecture Lighting

Recently, a webinar was organized by ASSOCHAM on “Importance of Architectural Lighting in Creating a Surreal Experience.” The webinar highlighted how light can be best used to depict human emotions and sentiments and how it can bring life or a dramatic look to architecture in the night.

The panellists in the webinar were Ar. Vinit Khanna, Principal Architect, Space Ace; Shakti Leekha, Sr. GM & Head, Marketing – Illumination Bajaj Electronics Ltd.; Prof. Charanjit Shah, Sr. Advisor, ASSOCHAM Council for GEM Chairman, Smart Habitat Founding Principal, Creative Group, New Delhi; Vinayak Diwan, Director, Lightbook; Harmeet Singh Issar, Founding Partner & Director, DesignMatrix, Ar. Amit Gupta, Founding Partner, Studio Symbiosis; and Er. Bikramjiet Kukreja, Principal Consultant, V Consulting.

The webinar started with an introduction delivered by Prof. Charanjit Shah in which he said, “Lighting is an essential element of any building project and is responsible for changing the mood, emotions and sentiments of the person.” however he added, “Lighting should not be overdone.”

Ar. Khaana spoke about the key ingredients of successful lighting design. He said, “Lighting is the fourth dimension of architecture as everyone says. It brings out the emotions and sentiments of a person. It is a difficult yet interesting subject. It gives life and different perspective to the architectural space we live in. The visual quality, the special quality and the need of the space are to be analysed to give a specific kind of look that’s required.”

Ar. Gupta showed a presentation of some of his projects displaying the day and night view of each. He also highlighted a very important aspect of lighting, saying, “Lighting should be embedded in the design itself and that will enhance and impact the project.”

Harmeet also spoke on lighting design via a presentation. He said, “Lighting design is architecture, interiors, landscape revealed…” It is about setting up the context and vision of a project. One needs to try and exhibit the architecture in the night bringing the identity of a building or project. Lighting design is about playing with light fixture and studying the colour temperatures. Light is one of the most economical ways of decorating an architecture.

Er. Kukreja presented how sustainability and conservation in lighting can be maintained. He highlighted buildings waste light energy, are overlit, lights are left on in vacant spaces or after operational hours and daylight is not taken under account. He revealed some of the energy-saving strategies such as dimming, high-end turning, occupancy/ vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, scheduling, controllable window treatments, personal dimming control and system integration.

Leekha presented a case study on two projects done by Bajaj respectively at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSTM), Mumbai and Bogibeel Bridge, Assam.

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