At the end of last year, lighting and electronics expert HELLA launched a new digital concept to keep workshops up to date with innovative technologies and news online. The format was well received: over 800 participants in Germany alone and have so far obtained information on topics such as modern lighting technologies, energy management in vehicles and electronic products of the future. With the “Digitization of Light”, HELLA now offers the third webinar also in English. Interested workshops can participate on  23rd November, 2021, and can register for this directly via HELLA TECH WORLD.

In the webinar, interested participants can learn in 45 minutes interesting facts about the development of LED technology. Special emphasis is placed on practical tips for workshops, for example on headlamp replacement and adjustment. In addition, the webinar will also provide an outlook on future lighting technologies. For example, the new “Digital Light SSL | HD” lighting system will be presented and explained. In addition, workshops will receive valuable information on how they can already make themselves fit for the future now. At each of the events, there will also be the opportunity to ask HELLA experts questions via a live chat.

Registration for the free webinar “Digitalization of Light” is done with just a few clicks directly via HELLA TECH WORLD:


The recording of the webinar will also be available online in HELLA TECH WORLD from the end of November 2021

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