The boathouse, situated directly on the beach, offers culinary highlights in a unique setting. The soft and glare-free lighting with bollard luminaires from ERCO invites you to linger until late into the night. © ERCO GmbH,, Photo: Frieder Blickle


In the brilliant and warm light of ERCO’s LED lighting tools, the historic roof construction of the converted reed barn becomes an impressive backdrop for events of all kinds. © ERCO GmbH,, photo: Frieder Blickle


After sunset, the 75-hectare castle park can be rediscovered. ERCO’s efficient spotlights impressively showcase the old tree population with low energy consumption. © ERCO GmbH,, photo: Frieder Blickle
Whether for a late bath or a walk under the starry sky, bollard luminaires from ERCO ensure safety and orientation on paths without impairing the night-time panorama. © ERCO GmbH,, photo: Frieder Blickle