The concept of ensuring future food supply is more than a nice place for plants. It’s truly a high-tech farm with a huge amount of technique to provide the optimal conditions for plants to grow. Here, details do matter. Like the right mix of wavelengths to stimulate photosynthesis or the reliability of deployed technology in this challenging environment.

So, when it comes to horticulture lighting choose LED components from a partner with decades of experience and the power to help you accomplish your project. OSRAM’s broad portfolio of powerful and robust LEDs offers a spectrum of infinite possibilities – especially for modern farming techniques such as top lighting or vertical multilayer farming in addition to daylight or as single lighting sources. It covers the complete range of specific illumination requirements needed for all the different plants and flowers. And its compact design allows an easy and efficient operation in even the most elaborate surroundings.

Our cutting edge OSCONIQ® and OSLON® lines provides the complete range of different radiation angles – spot or wide illumination characteristic without additional optics – and meet specific illumination requirements needed for your particular portfolio of plants. They stimulate photosynthesis and increase height or width with different wavelengths, so you can breed systematically. To ensure a superior lifetime and corrosion stability they come in a highly reliable package. So your customer’s ambitious modern farming project can come to life. All because of our decades of lighting experience. We are here to help you improve nature.

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