The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has announced appointment of Dawn P. Latham, IOM, CAE, as global Director of Public Policy. CEO Marsha Turner, CAE, said, “Ms. Latham’s 25-plus years of robust association and policy experience make her well-suited to guide IALD’s growing public policy efforts.” Latham is charged with developing IALD’s global public policy strategy and directing the Association’s complex public policy efforts. She heads up a team that has expanded to include Emily Bowers, Sr. Public Policy Coordinator, and Claire Couet, IALD Regulatory Affairs Consultant for the European Union.

“We are poised to extend the IALD’s reach well beyond what might be anticipated for such a small organisation,” Ms. Latham commented on her new role. “I look forward to what this growing team will accomplish on behalf of the IALD and the profession of architectural lighting design.”

“We have made great progress over the past decade in the global public policy arena,” Turner added. “I congratulate our dedicated volunteers and our long-time public policy consultant, Dr. John Martin, on work well done. John will be retiring at the end of 2018, and we are thrilled to be able to build and expand on the excellent work that he and others have initiated.”

Over the last ten years, the IALD has seen tremendous growth and expansion of its global public policy footprint. The Association has established critical working relationships focusing on lighting-related policy issues with more than 20 organisations globally and has been active on issues as varied as sales taxes, light and health, the WELLhealthy building rating system, energy codes around the world, and establishing the International Day of Light, now celebrated each year on 16 May.