Hubbell Lighting

Whiteway Lighting has launched the first-ever edge-lit canopy luminaire for the convenience store industry. The new Vanish edge-lit canopy luminaire provides convenience store operators with a lighting solution that offers exceptional optical control, visual comfort, performance, and accessory options in an elegant, low-profile form factor that is easy to install.

Vanish offers significant uniformity to meet and exceed expectations for canopy lighting. The components combine laser-cut optics and high brightness LEDs in a thin construction. This provides exceptional light distribution while spreading light uniformly, reducing the number of LEDs required while precisely extracting light for optimal performance. Laser-cut light guides enable outstanding backlight performance and can reduce the high cost, thickness, and power consumption associated with traditional direct backlighting methods that use an LED array under the display. The low-profile 2.1-inch depth design virtually disappears into the canopy, ensuring a seamless aesthetic.

Quality lighting without distraction and glare provides a sense of security for customers, having a significant impact on an operator’s business. Quality lighting is proven to be a significant deterrent against vandalism and other crimes that take place in environments where lighting is dim or insufficient during the evening and night hours.

Additional features and benefits of Vanish include pendant or surface mounted with ¾ inch conduit, universal retrofit solution for HID replacements for 2×2 boxes, DLC Premium Listed, IP65 rating to keep water and insects out and cast aluminum with an integral heat sink to maintain optimal thermal performance for long LED life.

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