The spherical shape of the building conveys a three-dimensional understanding from a two-dimensional image. Despite all the complexities and the various different sections of the building, which are all located underground, the outside of the museum appears to form a hemisphere in the middle of the water. The reflections from the water and the sky give the impression that the architecture is suspended from the sky. Around 1900 square metres are used for the art galleries situated inside the main dome, which include a rich collection of paintings, photos and artistic volumes.

It was a natural decision for the lighting solution partner Pars Idea Stack to propose the minimalistic ARCOS spotlight for the illumination of the important artworks. The combination of pinpoint accent lighting and wide-area illumination ensures that a special focus is placed on the exhibits. The UV-free and IR-free light is not only gentle on the exhibits but also helps in considerably reducing energy consumption when compared to conventional solutions.

“We wanted to create a product together that would not only be installed by museum directors for high-quality exhibition spaces but by ourselves as well,” says David Chipperfield of David Chipperfield Architects…

Architect Sina Ahmadi
Lighting solution partner  Pars Idea Stack
Consultant  Dayereh Consulting Engineers Co.
Photographer  Milad Payami
Lighting solution  ARCOS
Contractor  Azaran Industrial Structures Co.