Perfect Lighting Mood Offered For Camping Tents

Mobile homes and glam tents from Slovenian manufacturer Adria Home is about enjoying the greatest luxury with the best feel-good factor even in the smallest space. Appropriate lighting moods are created by Tridonic technology. Various Tridonic LED drivers to provide general and decorative lighting – both functional and attractive.

Glamp lamps: Together with the Slovenian lighting manufacturer ETT Lighting, Tridonic produced the ideal solution to meet the general and decorative lighting requirements for the mobile units. Jernej Jazbec, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Adria said: “We have been working with ETT Lighting for years as a reliable partner and supplier of Tridonic products. Most of our mobile homes and tents are now equipped with Tridonic drivers.”

LCBU 10W 12V BASIC phase-cut SR dimmable drivers for LED strip lights are used for decorative effects and indirect lighting. LEDs with Tridonic LC 13W 300mA fixC C SNC drivers built into the walls or ceiling provide general lighting. Both of these driver series have overload, short circuit and no-load protection. LED panels for additional general lighting in the mobile units are equipped with LC 75W 100–400mA flexC lp EXC constant-current LED drivers for linear and area lighting, which allow the desired increase in the maximum ambient temperature (Ta). EM ready2apply BASIC drivers are used for emergency lighting. The complete kit includes the electronics, LED module, heat sink, optics and battery.

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