What led you to lighting?

I graduated from NID with a degree in Product Design (Industrial Design) after which, I worked in varied fields like furniture design, exhibition design, accessory design etc

In 2006, I got an opportunity to create some lights for an event which was showcasing some top international brands of lighting. The response to that was encouraging at various levels. My lighting portfolio started growing and as a designer I felt more satiated and involved.

Very soon, I was playing with both, Light & Art in the form of Light Installations

What are your views on product and lighting designing?

Design per se has to be functional yet aesthetically stimulating.

Lights have to accentuate spaces and its use. In other words, products / lights have to be meaningful and not for the sake of it.

Where do you draw inspiration from each time you design a product? Can you talk about one of your lighting designs and the process of behind it?

The world around is beautiful and full of inspiration, one has to be receptive to it. The trigger could be nature in any form, a situation or even at times a word.

However, some seem appropriate given the game plan. These are the ones which I put to test through R&D and prototyping. Sometimes, typically, in commissioned assignments, a highly constraint situation (architect’s brief, architecture, interior or the theme) brings in a challenge which makes the creative thoughts flow in a channelised format leading to exciting results.

One of the light installations – Orion

A clear night sky is so beautiful and delicate. We often see in the darkness of a night. We see the sharp shine of the stars and constellations in some random formations but often making our minds connect the dots into an abstract form that we recognise.  While we always see the sharp glow, we never see the source of the light which lights these stars….
Orion, crystal based installation, is inspired from the incredible interstellar formations

This light installation, made with over 7,000 crystals, also plays with the light and darkness akin to the night sky.

How has the lighting industry evolved?

In the past, Lighting has been ignored and underused. Today Lighting is considered as the fourth dimension of architecture. The fact is the impact of this medium can bring about a drastic & dramatic change in the quality of architecture and its function. This realisation amongst the present generation is leading to the rise in demand of quality lights, energy efficient sources & even lighting consultants. It is a positive trend and the industry is growing

What are the challenges you come across while designing a product?

Work is never a challenge. It is extremely exciting. It is what keeps me alive and kicking. The challenges are the associated issues, the paraphernalia. It is managing people, finances, and what we may call the ‘realities of the world’ that are challenging.

Your piece of advice to the upcoming lighting designers?

It is a very exciting field, provided you understand the nuances. Be innovative and dream big.