Qutub Minar: Signify illuminated Qutub Minar with white LEDs...

India is a treasure trove of historic beauty and heritage monuments.  These monuments embody the most iconic part of history that has potentially shaped our present and how we perceive our predecessors. These structures transcend generations and each brick on the wall has a story that defined some monumental parts of our history. However, increasingly these very historic buildings have been jostling for recognition and acknowledgement in towns and cities against increasing numbers of newer infrastructural developments and population density.

The application of dedicated external lighting offers the opportunity for communities to showcase their heritage buildings and improve public places. Signify India understands that Lighting has a profound effect on spaces, invoking emotions in its spectators and helping architecture and interior design achieve their true purpose. A monument defines the character of a city and Signify believes in enhancing these majestic beauties of the past and giving locals visual spectacle for generations to come.

Red Fort: Signify used around 2,500 lamps to illuminate the historic monument…

Signify has used its professional lighting solutions and highly efficient lights with high CRI to liven up these iconic heritage sites:

Qutub Minar has an enduring social texture reflecting the city’s identity as the historic political center of the country. Signify had brought the magic of the minaret to life at night with Color Kinetics LED lighting and provided 445 LED light points in warm white colour to create an impressive design emphasizing the tower’s architectural features. The LED lighting also enabled the tower to project itself as an urban icon in the heart of New Delhi’s Mehrauli area, further enhancing the image of the city and encouraging night tourism.

Over the centuries, the Safdarjung Tomb has been a testimony to the rich archaeological heritage of Delhi. Today, it is a magnificent example of Incredible India. The arches and minarets of the 18-century Mughal-era monument, the Safdarjung Tomb, stood awashed in the light of 213 technologically advanced LEDs by Signify which have Color Kinetics LED lighting.

Safdarjung Tomb: The illumination at Safdarjung Tomb comprised simple yellow and static lighting that accentuated the monument’s silhouette…

Around 2,500 LED lamps illuminated the historic Red Fort and the 1.3 km length of parapets facing Netaji Subhash Marg and Chandni Chowk. It was the first-ever illumination of the historic monument’s front fortification wall and its two important gateways–Lahori Gate and Delhi Gate. The existing façade lights at this 17th-century Mughal fort were replaced with Signify’s architectural lighting also known as ‘element illumination’ to enhance its beauty after sunset.

Signify believes that the most iconic structures deserve the most dynamic lighting. It has proudly shared its efforts in lighting up buildings and monuments of historical importance across India.

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