The 6 Volt LUXEON 3030 Round…

Lumileds is once again improving LUXEON 3030 2D Round performance. Across all CCTs and for 70 and 80CRI, flux performance increases up to 2.5%. With leading efficacy and higher maximum drive than competitors, LED counts can be reduced. Hot-colour targeting at 85°C ensures colour at operating temperatures and 1/9th micro-binning enables tight colour control. Superior reliability makes LUXEON 3030 2D Round a perfect fit for outdoor and other high-lumen applications.

As Product and Marketing Manager Xue Tiger puts it, “High efficacy, high light output and corrosion resistance that outperform others are key to the preference for LUXEON 3030 in outdoor applications. We’ve continued to invest in this LED platform and as a result, our customers can further optimize their solutions and support sustainability while improving lighting.”

The LUXEON 3030 2D (Round and Square) uses two emitters in series to deliver light from the 3.0mm x 3.0mm package. The round LES is particularly well suited for use with lens optics and enjoys widespread adoption in industrial and outdoor applications. Being a global leader, Lumileds is now employing more than 7,000 team members operating in over 30 countries.

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