What is your comment on the growth of the Global and Indian lighting industry?

Global LED lighting market is growing at the pace of 30 – 40% per annum as per industry estimates. The growth is in all segments of lighting like residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor, sports and entertainment. The LED market in India is growing at a healthy pace of 45% (as per Elcoma) with key drivers like higher efficiency and affordability. The consumer LED business is driven by extensive LED promotion programme of government of India under DELP. The programme has helped in creating awareness of LED technology among masses and early adoption. The Indian LED lighting industry will continue to grow with more solutions available which are high on performance and at consumer-friendly prices.

What opportunities did you see for foraying into LED lighting solutions for home Lighting?

Luminous has a heritage of 28 years of being the trusted brand in the energy Space. We are market leaders in Invertor Batteries and strong contender in home electrical business. Luminous’ name itself means ‘Light Up’ which makes us obvious player in the LED space. With the launch of LED lighting, our offerings get complete as we will be able to offer complete home electrical solution like invertors, batteries, fans, switches, wires and lighting. We have strong footprint of 50,000 selling points across India, which will help us reaching out to pan India consumers within a short time span.

What do you say about the quality of the LEDs available in India?

LED technology makes lighting digital and LED products are a combination of LED chips, housing, electronics and holders. The LED solutions currently available in the country are a mix of products locally manufactured and imported. As the LED manufacturing is a complex process, it requires high level of control to ensure the quality product delivery. We at Luminous strongly believe in System Control right from product design, specifications, components, system control, manufacturing process, line audits and finished good quality control. With our knowledge of energy conditions in India, we at Luminous will be able to upgrade our consumers to a better quality of LED lighting experience.

What are the next steps you have planned in?

Luminous is committed to bringing wide range of consumer functional LED lighting solutions, which help the consumers lead an active life. Our key message for LED lighting solution is ‘Bright Light toh Life Bright’. We are launching 100+ products pan India which will be targeted at value for many (Eco Range), delightful performance (Pro Range) and design LED innovation (Neo Range). We have put state-of-art design and R&D centre at Gurugram to work on interactive products for smart homes.

What do you think will set Luminous Power Technologies apart from its competitors in the lighting sector?

Luminous is an established name in home electrical business in India with robust distribution through 50,000 outlets selling all types of fans, wires and modular switches. With launch of LED lighting our portfolio is complete to cater all new home installations and renovations. Luminous is promoted by Sachin Tendulkar as our brand Icon and has confidence of millions of consumers. We also feel LED lighting which is combination of electronics, thermal, mechanical and optics is a form of digital solution which requires in-depth knowledge on all the aspects. We as champion of power backup solutions for homes and commercials have much deeper understanding of this technology.

Luminous plans to be a strong contender in consumer functional LED lighting with its in-depth consumer knowledge, nationwide distribution channel, in-house lighting competency, 360 degree process control and design LED innovation.