Merger will give a push to ‘Making in India says MD, Panasonic Life Solutions

Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. speaks to the Lighting India content team on the new merger with Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd. Excerpts…

Tell us about the merger – Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. now Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Panasonic Corporation.

Over half a century, Anchor has managed to capture the minds of every consumer in India. The Anchor and Panasonic Brands are committed to delivering products for better safety and comfort of Indian citizens. The ideology of holistic quality management to improve product offering has been a part of Anchor’s core business. From the year 1963, Anchor is ‘Making in India’ and providing services that deliver social, economic and environmental sustainability. Brand’s experience and understanding of the Indian market is unmatched in the field of electrical products. The prominence of Anchor as India’s only “Switches SuperBrand” testifies to the fact that it is still the most respected brand to be leading this business vertical; with a constantly expanding product range and a growing market share.

Over the period, with a constantly expanding product range and growing market share, Anchor/ Panasonic is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials. For over five decades, Anchor is a preferred solutions provider; winning flagship projects in energy management, real estate, smart cities, and intelligent industrial and residential infrastructure. Panasonic Life Solutions India aims to double its turnover in the next three years by steadily growing its existing range and growing the new categories as well. 

Tell us more about Panasonic’s LED lighting portfolio…

Lighting not only illuminates the projects but also dramatically enhances the atmosphere of living spaces as well as allows the occupants to feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease. In particular, LED lighting offers higher energy savings along with superior colour rendering properties, opening up a new realm of possibilities. For over 60 years, Panasonic has continued to create advanced lighting products using top-notch designs and technology, quality methods for different spaces. Today, Panasonic enjoys a proven track record as a trusted and preferred brand of choice for lighting products in Japan. Panasonic with its aesthetic range of LED lighting will continue to achieve greater energy savings while enriching the living of several spaces and urban environments across the world.

Tell us about your project – Brigade Exotica Residence Block 1 and the indoor application concept.

Panasonic Life Solutions with a wide product range is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials. Being a preferred solutions provider in intelligent commercial and residential infrastructure, Panasonic Life Solutions recently announced the opening of a new model house near Bangalore airport, in association with the Brigade Group, one of India’s leading and socially conscious property developers, at the Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli. With a common objective in mind; both Companies will develop residential and commercial spaces with themes of Comfort, Safety & Energy saving, integrating some of Panasonic’s advanced and innovative technologies and construction materials to create additional value. The model house has been fitted with Panasonic’s latest and high-end Japanese Technology products right from Modular kitchens, wooden flooring, interior door, switches, wiring devices, intelligent toilets, CCTV camera, Wash basin with vanity, door security solutions, Home Automation, Inverter Appliances like Split AC, Washing machine; Solar-powered HIT panels with a hybrid option, etc. 

What are the emerging trends related to customer demand in LED?

With advancement and transformation in today’s modern home décor and interiors, people’s lifestyles and ways of living are constantly evolving. The market is moving towards automation and one-stop solutions provider, new standards introduced like LEED and WELL certify a building and lighting is a significant part of it. The emerging trend today is smart lighting and lighting management systems which can be controlled remotely through the Motion sensor, lighting sensor, and occupancy sensor. Lighting today is a very important matter of interiors, illumination, and the environment. There has been a massive transition to LEDs that ranges from warm to cool, from an ideal working light to lighting that matches the ambience.

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Looking ahead, how does Panasonic aim to position itself as a technology player in the Indian market?

Panasonic has a strong experience in developing Lighting for various specialized applications like Office lighting, Retail lighting, Stadium lighting, Architecture & Monument lighting etc. While our current focus in India is towards supplying standard but superior products (in terms of Lumen efficacy and robustness); we have started working in projects where we will be able to position our superior technology and our global experience. Panasonic will position itself as a technology player in the Indian market; especially in the projects; private and government. In the outdoors segment; we will bring in more rugged products and control systems for smart street lighting and thus play an active role in India’s smart city infrastructure creation.

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