Osram announced development of Synios SFH 4772S A01 or Synios SFH 4775S A01 that are designed to help the vehicle identify the driver using iris scanning or facial recognition, unlock the doors and even disable the engine immobiliser.

“With these products we are covering a number of different applications and have now succeeded in extending biometric identification to cars. Once more, light-based technology is laying the foundation for innovations in the vehicles of tomorrow,” said Walter Rothmund, Marketing Manager Automotive for Emitter Laser Sensor at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The new Synios SFH 4772S A01 is ideal for use in iris scanning systems. This application is best known at present for unlocking smartphones and tablets without the need for a password. The IRED functions here as a light source, illuminating the iris with infrared light in a suitable wavelength so that a camera can capture an image of the iris pattern – whatever the colour of the eye. The system then compares this information with the stored data and unlocks the device if there is a match. SFH 4772S A01 emits infrared light with a wavelength of 810 nm, which is best suitable for all different eye colours, and achieves an optical output of 1070 mW at 1 A.

The second product, the Synios SFH 4775S A01, is particularly suitable for facial recognition and driver monitoring, among other things. Both these applications ideally require a wavelength of 940 nm.

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