Wifi Led Bulb

Owing to the growing demand for Smart Homes and automation, Panasonic Life Solutions (PLS) India, has launched the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb.

Lighting has always been a crucial element of any home design, not just from a functional aspect but from an aesthetic sense as well. Apart, from its core function of illuminating a space lighting also enhances living spaces in terms of how it looks and feels for its occupants. The core benefit of the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb includes multi-colour lighting option and automated scheduling functions that enable the user to alter the look, feel and mood of the room at their fingertips.

Built on superior design, the multi-colour options offers nearly 16 million shades giving the user a wide range of options to alter the ambience of the room. The user can also adjust the lighting settings to complement the design of the room or even cater to a special occasion. Additionally, the bulb consists of a pre-set feature which allows the user to auto-schedule the switching on and off the lights. The LED aspect of the bulb enhances energy-saving within the home, making it more sustainable with longer durability.

The new Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb can be controlled, through the Panasonic Smart Wi-Fi application available on Google Play Store and App Store. The bulb can also be connected and used via voice commands feature from Google Assistant and Alexa, thereby elevating the experience of the product. What makes this product truly unique is its User Data Security capabilities. The mobile application secures the user data on the cloud, thus, making it a supreme product in the category.

Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. said: “The lighting needs of consumers have drastically evolved in recent years. We wanted to bring a product that is not only user-friendly but also caters to the changing needs of a digitally connected consumer and enhances their experience. The range of Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs will make a significant mark in the home automation category with the features it entails. We are delighted to bring this product to our consumers which is not only functionally superior but is easy to control via Wi-Fi, energy-saving and ensures user security.”  

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