Hello and welcome once again to Lighting India. If it’s June, it’s time for lighting exhibition in China. As usual Lighting India was present at the lighting fair in Guangzhou as a media invitee. This year there was an increase in the number of visitors to the fair and with more than 2,600 exhibitors demonstrating the latest in lighting and LED products, it was a place to be in for any lighting enthusiast.

Lighting industry has come a long way since the evolution of LED lights almost a decade back. The industry has been evolving at a fast pace. In fact, so apt was the theme for the fair this year – “Think light: Embracing changes” that it really described what is going on in the lighting industry. I must say, with every passing year, Chinese companies showcase more and more innovative lighting products. Human-centric lighting was another important aspect of lighting display this year. Many different industry sectors now want to work with the lighting industry and be involved in smart lighting products. The challenge, however, would be how to connect and work together.

With the electricity demand growing very rapidly in our country and lighting alone consuming almost 18% of the total generation, India is definitely an attractive place for LED manufacturers, especially as the LED market is projected to register a CAGR of almost 30% in the next 3 years.

Coming to this issue, we have some excellent articles ranging from the market for LED lighting products in India to use of LED in decorative lighting space. Going further you will find a detailed analysis of the importance of outdoor lighting and its role in safety and security of public places.

We also have an interesting piece on urban lighting, wherein the author discusses the energy efficiency aspect in urban lighting and how it can be achieved by proper design. Talking of urban lighting, I must say Guangzhou has come a long way in the past 20 years. Nowhere, in modern world, apart from Hong Kong which is an old city, can you find the urban lighting as dynamic as in Guangzhou. Along the promenade of the Guangzhou Pearl river, some 20-odd buildings are beautifully illuminated and at night the façade lighting with animations projected on the buildings reflect onto the river to give a dazzling effect. A sight to watch definitely for any lighting person.

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