What fascinated T-Net Japan to explore the Indian market?

‘T-Net’ is an innovative, fast growing, integrated lighting solutions company, with international sales & supporting operations towards more than 10 countries around the world.

Since we are quite keen to the strong commitment on R&D and Innovation, and based on this concept, we tell ourselves that we are specialised in manufacturing high-powered outdoor & indoor lighting equipment.

Now as you know, Indian lighting industry has been growing around 17 – 18 % throughout the past 2-3 years, and is projected to clock Rs 12,000 crore -15,000 turnovers in the next 2-3 years horizontally, we are quite interested in sharing this market with our confident product range.

Around 70% would be LED-based, as per Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of India (ELCOMA) and McKinsey’s projections. According to ELCOMA, the LED segment in this country is expected to grow by 40% in 2016, and is one of the fastest growing segments.

In summary, the fast-growing market size, rate of the growth, trend of LED lighting adoption in Industrial and Infrastructure Segments, are some of the key points to look for Indian markets seriously in the past couple of years.

Can you tell us about your partnership with KEI Lighting in India.

Kripa Electronics (India) Limited (KEI) – Lighting Business Division is our best business partner and associates for the Indian market over these years. We believe that we have a reasonable understanding for various focused segments in Indian market, through KEI. They have been working on each project developments in India, and brought us great customer references, boosting our further focus and investment to the Indian market.

How do you perceive the Indian markets for LED?

The key to success in India is to focus on what is unique on the brand and product, originated from its technological view. It offers numerous possibilities for installation designing and application. With this concept, we believe that major areas of product differentiation on our products shall be our Success-Pillars, that is based on technology, design, application, and plus service. Our team has been working straight towards this.

The other perception for the Indian Market that we try and wish to share is a deep understanding of the requirements from our targeted customers. That is ‘Know Your Customers (KYC)’.

Can you tell us about the NV series that has entered Indian market? We would like to know about the segments that it caters to?

Currently we have quite big names, associated with NV series for the Indian market. So far, our key-focused segment towards this year & coming years remain the same as before, that is to say, for the Infrastructure & Industrial utilities in the Indian Market. Moving ahead, we will further expand the segments as we have more and better foot hold in these segments.

What are the next steps you have planned? What can the Indian buyers look forward to?

We will be coming up with new series for indoor application and industrial application, that are ensuring and enabling our customers to enjoy much efficient, green, and energy saving lighting solutions, on which we shall also commit to keep a strong focus on the productivity, safety, and well-being of our customers, ‘a sort of the range of the smart, safe, and healthy lighting for the Indian market’. In the past two years, we have helped our customers for the reduction of CO2 emission, totalling 5,000 tonnes per year. We wish to achieve the next target of 10,000 tonnes throughout coming one year.

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