How long have you been in this business? We would like to know about the company evolution?

Ans. Jaquar ventured into lighting in decorative vertical but recently revamped and repositioned as a complete LED lighting solutions company in 2016-17. Drawing its inspiration from natural light sources, the lighting company has signed up with Deepika Padukone as a brand ambassador, which identifies with Jaquar lighting brand values of aspiration and style with global aspirations. Today, the company is one of the fastest growing lighting companies having solutions for residential, commercial and outdoor applications. Jaquar’s extensive and comprehensive portfolio lets you choose for varied budgets without compromising on quality and reliability. Whether it’s LED Bulbs, Tube Lights, Chandeliers, Landscape Lighting or Track Lights, one can expect Jaquar to offer holistic solution under one roof. Armed with innovative technology like high quality drivers and unmatched services like lighting planning and Pan India onsite assistance, Jaquar lighting is taking forward Jaquar group legacy of trust and customer delight. Recently we have set up a state of the art manufacturing plant for Jaquar Lighting with advanced R&D.

Could you tell us about your process in the product category from start till date?

Ans. Jaquar Lighting is pushing the boundaries of commercial lighting to come up with some of the most advanced, LED energy saving and high-performance lighting systems. We are in three models listed below-

A.For Mass Market (Household consumer products)
B. For projects and B2B Market (Commercial and outdoor product range)
C. Decorative and Chandelier for niche and premium market

How do you perceive the current market?

Ans. High quality and energy saving lighting penetration in India is at build up stage. With huge government spending in public sector and mass awareness created, LED market will continue to grow at the pace of 25% for coming 3-5 years.

How has the lighting market changed over the period of time since the company’s inception?

Ans. The lighting market is fairly competitive, with local and global brands all eyeing for a share of this fast-growing segment. However high quality complete lighting solutions from a single window is still a big differentiator and which has been the core USP of Jaquar to establish itself as one of the leading brand in this industry.

The lighting sector accounts for about 20% of the total power consumption in India. There is an increased focus towards energy conservation and efficiency thereby boosting demand for LED lights.

India is poised to emerge as the largest market for lighting systems based on LEDs (light-emitting diodes), thanks to the Narendra Modi-led government’s UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) scheme for replacing all inefficient bulbs with these energy-efficient lamps. The industry witnesses a transition phase from gas discharge solution (CFL, Tubes and HID lamps) to LED products. India, where electricity demand is still an issue, we need to give our country more of energy saving solutions and renewable energy products.

What are your insights about the future of your business (lighting) into this market (current scenario)?

Ans. Jaquar Lighting aims to grow by over three times by the next financial year, taking its current turnover of Rs 100 crore to Rs 350 crore. It is expected to triple its base to Rs 1,000 crore in three years. We have also roped in Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone as brand ambassador for lighting, which will take forward Jaquar 360 degree campaign across customers touch points. The company draws its unique independent identity taking learning and inspiration from its group legacy of trust and customer delight. The new campaign will focus on targeting these products at young brand-conscious consumers and we will focus on design and build quality to stand out in this competitive market.

Moreover, the company has the motto to offer compatible and sustainable LED solutions to the country with professional lighting planner and state of art production facility. Jaquar Lighting has in-house manufacturing for not only international products but we are providing products which are suitable considering India’s extreme weather and power conditions. Nowadays, consumer wants a right solution which is matching their needs and our products could be the right choice.

Any piece of advice that you would like to give to the current entrepreneurs in the industry?

Ans. One piece of advice I would offer to young entrepreneurs is that challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to take the risk. Always remember, innovation is imperative to remain on top of your business.
Go ahead and follow your dream!

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