Wipro Lighting, a leading provider of lighting and Internet of Lighting (IoL)® solutions in India, has recently launched a stylish range of designer office space luminaire solutions called Aqua to brighten up workspaces. Aqua offers a range of curved luminaires that are appropriate to translate Architect’s design Intent.

The linear sensibilities and modeled shapes of these lights make them major statement pieces for any commercial space. They are easy to mount with adjustable height suspension elevating the appeal of the place. With a flexible design, adaptable shapes, and no visible hardware, Wipro lighting’s Aqua is the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication for modern interiors. This is perfect manifestation of new age contemporary design intent and fluidic designs, which architects are looking for.

Speaking about the product line Anuj Dhir, Vice President and Business Head for Commercial & Institutional Lighting Business said, “Professionals spend close to half their waking hours at their offices which can directly influence their productivity and mental health. An optimally designed workplace can encourage efficiency, uplift mood, and result in a happier and healthier workforce. Keeping that in mind, Wipro Lighting’s Aqua range caters to the artificial lighting needs of office spaces while maintaining the aesthetic quotient of the space. We recently completed our largest project with Accenture, one of the most reputed IT companies in India.”

Aqua range of luminaires come with smart integration connected by Analog, Bluetooth, Dali, or Ethernet to provide Human Centric Lighting.

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