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This ACETECH, Häfele takes an inspiration from the many facets of the number 5 and applies the “5 x 5” rule to your home improvement needs.

LOOX5 – the 5th Generation of Furniture Lighting Solutions from Häfele

Have you ever imagined a home that exists in complete absence of light; where your surroundings are just a vague concoction of black contours; where a vibrant red and a radiant blue look like mere shadows of grey; and the only experiences you have are by touching things around you? Can you imagine a home without light? If not, then how can you live with similar dark corners within your kitchen drawers, or lustreless showcases that stand unnoticed in your living room, or vibrant clothes and accessories that all look grey in your un-lit wardrobe? The importance of light within furniture cannot be undermined; it has the same relevance in your day-to-day routine as regular ambient lighting in your homes.

Häfele understands furniture and all that goes with it. The company also understands the importance of home ergonomics, lifestyle conveniences and ease of mobility within your surroundings. Years of tradition, research and technological development have led Häfele to believe that furniture units are optimised to their highest use when the right corners and surfaces within them are adorned with the right type of lighting.

This ACETECH, Häfele launches its 5th Generation of Furniture Lighting Solutions – Loox5 that encapsulates the essence of four generations of lighting systems that have redefined home ambience and ergonomics over the last 10 years.

Loox5 takes lighting to the next level. Inspired by the demands of time, Loox5 makes lights easy, logical and linear. These lights have not just been designed but in fact have been engineered keeping the utmost comfort for the consumers in mind. The range presents itself as a unique combination of elegant design and state-of-the-art technology making it the perfect choice for any home furniture application; be it task lighting for kitchen cabinets and plinths, decorative lighting for living room showcases, mood lighting for bedroom applications or pure functional lighting in wardrobes.

Come and see the first showcase of two new products from
the Loox5 range at the Hafele Booth, this ACETECH:
Loox5 LED Strip Lights

The Loox5 Strip Lights, equipped with Samsung LEDs, enhance the light quality for a homogeneous light distribution, ensuring a uniform colour temperature across the entire system. With the help of these strip lights, you can create an exquisite ambience in your bedroom, open kitchen, living room or simply wherever you want. They provide radiant task lighting to illuminate the work spaces as well as discreet ambient lighting for wellness zones. A life time of 50,000 hours is guaranteed.

Loox5 Aluminium and Plastic Profiles

The Loox5 Range of Light Fittings include a large selection of recess mounted and surface mounted profiles on which you can mount the Loox5 Strip Lights. These profiles come in high-quality trendy finishes of silver and black for top-of-the-line design demands. They virtually blend into or complement your furniture to provide a glare-free light source.

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