With a business journey spanning almost four decades, Ankur Lighting has risen to be a market leader in commercial, residential, and retail lighting solutions pan-India. Their stores across Delhi-NCR carry a collection of bespoke lighting solutions that not just illuminate spaces, but illuminate lives. 

Founded in 1979 by Sh. Lt. R.K. Shah with a vision to make high-quality lighting more accessible, Ankur Lighting had humble beginnings with one showroom and one factory back then. Getting involved in the business in the late 80s, taking over in 1991 and truly bringing its values to life, Mrs Umesh Shah devoted her life to building the business and the foundation on which Ankur Lighting stands today.

She transformed the business into a modern-day enterprise with strong business ideologies that resonate with the ethos of the illumination industry. Not only this, but she also translated the business values of Sh. Lt. R.K. Shah into real business practices that still form the very core of Ankur Lighting today. 

Mrs Umesh Shah has built a business that echoes down generations to provide value to customers at each step of their illumination journey. Her visionary approach and forward-looking business mindset have helped transform the lighting industry and truly take it to the next level.

From being a brick-and-mortar lighting solutions business that catered to pan-India through their commercial, institutional and retail sales, Ankur Lighting is transitioning into a future-forward global decor brand with its e-commerce store providing all kinds of lighting solutions at one place. With an increased focus on digital sales and an established online presence, Ankur Lighting has destined from a leader in retail sales to one of the market leaders in e-commerce as well.

Today, e-commerce has become the key centric focus for Ankur Lighting. With worldwide shipping and products from a simple LED bulb to huge customized chandelier, the brand is truly becoming a global name in the world of illumination. Ankur Lighting is gearing up to become a global household name when it comes to stunning lighting decor. Their one-stop platform for all lighting needs is truly unmatched. 

Ankur Lighting proudly boasts clientele in almost all sectors including infrastructure companies, F&B Giants, luxury hotels, malls, sporting brands, and lifestyle companies. Their state-of-the-art lighting solutions lighten up your life- wherever you go. The company thrives on the vision of ‘Make in India’ by producing some of the most trusted and authentic products 100% in the country, which in turn supports thousands of local incomes. These products are handcrafted, made with the highest quality of materials, and come with a rich history.

Ankur Lighting, with its journey of over 40 years, has lit up lives in unprecedented ways.

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