Exterior luminaires with faux wood finishes...

Luminis, an established manufacturer of specification grade lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, recreational, and urban environments, has come out with faux wood finishes for a range of its exterior luminaires.

With realistic grain and knots, the faux wood finish has the look and feel of real wood. Landscape architects and designers can bring the warmth and natural charm of wood to any outdoor environment.

Ten colours are available, each of which is UV stabilized so there is no concern for weather or wear. Luminaires with this finish are more durable and longer lasting than fixtures with natural wood.

A broad range of products are available with a faux wood finish including: Bellevue (all models), Eclipse Maxi bollards (EC820, EC821, EC822, EC823, EC830, EC831, EC832), Eclipse Mini bollards (EC620, EC621, EC622, EC623, EC630, EC631, EC632), Lumistik bollards (CL313, CL313XL, CL613, Cl623, CL627, CL813, CL823), Lumistik columns (CL620, CL640, CL670, CL621, CL820, CL840, CL870, CL821), Lumiquad (all models), Maya bollard (MA30), Scena bollards (SN800B-H24, SN800B-H39, SN805-H24, SN805B-H39, SN820B-H24, SN820B-H39, SN825B-H24, SN825B-H39), Syrios, Syrios Square, and Poles (for Eclipse, Maya, and Scirocco).

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