The new LED lit exit signs are much easier to identify…

Bowdon-based Superior Energy And Control LLC was established on a commitment to make lighting easy and simple. The company’s mission is: “Efficiently light every corner of the world with Superior knowledge and quality workmanship.”

The Superior team helped in upgrading the emergency exit signs in one of Atlanta, GA’s most iconic healthcare facilities. Working in very difficult conditions the company‘s team was able to replace the emergency exit fixtures for the hospital, while its important work continued.

The new, modern LED lit exit signs will save energy, are much easier to identify, and look very updated.  This large project required the Installers and Project Managers to coordinate with hospital staff to assure disturbances were kept to a minimum.

This shows that how the Superior’s team worked inside the containment booths, which is an example of how they can flexibly manage and execute within any environment. Whether it is a below zero cold storage or the sanitary requirements of a hospital, Superior’s people are ever ready to meet the challenge.

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